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Jul 31 2018

How is the scope of Data Science in India?

Data science aspect is uncovering the data and understanding the complex functioning, to make the smarter business decisions. Data science Experts must requires the skills Mathematics Expertise, Hacking skills and Technology with Business Strategy Acumen.

Data Scientist have a huge scope in India, for experienced as well as freshers who want to make a career in data science. Krish software solutions offer a online data science course in India with the Experts of the Updated Technologies.

Here are some proofs!

  1. Demand for professionals skilled in analytics has grown by more than 52% over the last 2 years. understand the report here.
  2. There is lack of Data Scientists in India. Read the report further here.

The number of jobs in India are more likely to increase faster than the rest of the world as more analytics projects get outsourced to India due to lack of skills across the globe.

Source: Analytics Mag India

Now, let’s get down to which companies hire experienced data scientists.

According to the Analytics Mag India, these are some of the top Indian MNC’s that hire data scientists —

  • Service-based company— Fractal Analytics,, HCL, Mu Sigma, Citi, Uber, Goldman Sachs, IBM,, Accenture, KPMG, JPMorgan Chase, E&Y & Capgemini.
  • Product-based company— Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart, Haptik etc
  • SaaS-based company— WebEngage ,Wingify, etc

How much does a Data Scientist get paid?

As a fresher, you can earn anywhere between 3.5–6 LPA, depending on the proficiency in skills. For experienced data scientist, the pay depends on the following factors—


The responsibilities of a data scientist includes data extraction and cleaning, use statistical methods to analyze data, present data with tools like Tableau, and build predictive models using algorithms.

While at a few companies, a data scientist is required to perform one of the above tasks (mostly at service-based companies), you can be required to do all the above tasks. Hence, the salary varies accordingly.

2.Type of company

usually, data scientists at  product-based companies are remunerated better than data scientists at service-based companies.


Your experience in data science is depends on the type of projects that you have handled in the previous. Where did you spend most of your time? Was it extracting and cleaning? Or putting cleaning into a presentable format? The diversity of your experience also decides at the amount on your paycheck in your next job role.

frankly, there can not be a better time than now, to get into data science. After all, it’s the sexiest job of the 21st century. However, you shouldn’t completely make your decision to get into data science based on this.