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krish soft Java online training
Apr 7 2020

Java Online Training

Krish software solutions explains the Entire process about Java and its course. Best Online Training institute for Java in Hyderabad for the training of students, professionals and corporate Employees with the Real Time Working Employees. we provide the Entire knowledge and Modules in Java and different platforms where and How we use Java in Applications.

What is Java ?

Java is programming Language designed for the use in distributed environment and produces software for different platforms. when programmer writes the application in Java that can be easily run on single server or distributed among the servers, they can be run on the operating systems of Linux, Windows and MAC.

Overview of Java :

Java is

  •  object oriented progamming language
  • it can be run in  any JVM(Java virtual Machine)
  • Dynamic
  • Multi-threaded i.e.,allows to run many tasks simultaneously
  • portable (write once, Run anywhere)
  • High-level (Readable to Human)
  • Interpreted

Java online Course (Outline ) :

Starting with JAVA

  • what is java
  • Editions in Java
  • versions in Java
  • Java platform and Obtaining Java
  • History of Java
  • First Java program
  • Documentation pf API

OOP(Object Oriented programming ) in Java :

  • objects vs primitives
  • stack and Heap
  • Object using and Creating
  • initialising Data
  • Creating Objects
  • Building and Default Constructors

And more Concepts in Java i.e.,

  • Static
  • packing
  • conventions and primitives
  • Java syntax
  • strings
  • Arrays
  • Collections
  • working with Arrays and collections
  • Inheritience
  • polymorphism
  • Abstract classes and Interface
  • Lambda Expressions and Static Imports
  • Appendix-A
  • Appendix-B