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Aug 8 2018

Search Engine Optimization-Steps to be Taken

SEO Terminology:

The Google will consider the following terms and make the website to get into the top Search Engine Result page which page contains the factors of the Google.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making the website or webpage visible on the top positions of search engine result pages by the Following factors.

By updating the SEO factors we can get the traffic organically and get the leads to generate the business in the online with the updated  technologies.

 SEO On – Page Optimization :

  • Title : In SEO  Title plays a vital role for the Post because it explains the content inside the page and it should be 60-70 characters length.
  • Keyword: It is a word or a phrase that describes the content of a web page. Using Keyword people will search in Search Engines like Google ,Bingo,Ask.com etc..

There are some important factors in On-Page SEO to be indexed/ranked in the SERP pages. Here we mentioned all of them:

        1. Meta Tags
          ♦ Title(Main keyword )
          ♦ Keywords(5-7 targeted keywords)
          ♦ Description(250 words description with 3% Keyword Density)
        2. Headings -H1(keyword),2-H2(keyword)
        3. Anchor Text (Keyword with hyper link either internal or external)
        4. Italic(Keyword)
        5. Bold(Keyword)
        6. Image Name (keyword ,space not allowed. instead of space hyphen(-) )
        7. Alt Attribute ( It is the keyword on behalf of the Image)
        8. Canonical URL ( It is very important for the website the Google will recognize when the canonical url is placed and it will crawl the pages)
          •    www.domain.com
          •    domain.com
          •     http://www.domain.com
          •     http://domain.com

          all pages should be one

        9. 301 redirects(redirect a page )
        10. 404 Redirection (page not found)
        11. Sitemap.xml (saying to google  to crawl only this web pages)
        12. Robots.txt (telling search robot to follow /no follow a particular web pages)
        13. URL Optimization (Keyword)                                                                                          Search Engine Ooptimization

      Off-page SEO:

    1.  DOMAIN AUTHORITY: It is the main factor in Off-page Submissions. DA decides the Popularity of a web site. To get Quality backlink Submit the web page in High DA sites.
        1.   1.Directory Submissions
        2.        It is like Telephonic Directory in Past. Each Sector Contains their particular websites
        3.    2.Classified Submissions
        4.           Every Category has Classified/sub -categories .submit the web site in its most preferable                               classified site.
        1.   3.Profile Creation sites Submission
        2.          Create a profile in a website, And give your Information like Contact ,e-mail and website etc
      1.            4.Article Submissions
        1.           Write a article (700 words)on particular topic related to your website and submit in website
      1.            5. Social bookmarking Submissions
        1.               these are the site like Social media Like-Flickr,Tumblr,reddit etc
      1.            6.Search Engine Submissions
        1.                Submit the website to the different search engines
      1.            7.Image Submissions.
        1.                Submit the Images related to website or web page
      1.            8.Forum Submissions
        1.                  These sites contains the Discussion on a topic. Submit your website in related Discussions
      1.            9.Blog Commenting
                         Give a comment & back link from the different related blogs.