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Apr 8 2020

Tableau Online Training

Tableau Online Training Institute :

Krish software solutions is Best Tableau Online training Institute in Hyderabad. Online Training Courses are explained by Real Time working professionals to the students, Employees and corporate professionals with the all updated Technologies and Modules of the every Technology.

what is Tableau ?

Tableau is Fast growing and powerful Data visualisation tool for the Business intelligence Industry. It is used for pictorial and Graphical representation of data.

Tableau is Reporting Tool or not ?

Tableau is Leading Reporting software uses for the Analytics and Data Visualisation. Most advanced tool to make Data visible unique and makes the data available for compelling presentation. It delivers effective results for the Medium called as  Visualisation and Data integration.

Course content and Topics we occur :

Introduction and Overview

  • Why Tableau
  • Why visualisation
  • Terminology – Levels
  • creating some powerful visualisation fastly
  • Tableau product Line
  • Things to get about Tableau

Getting Started :

  • Introduction to Data source concept
  • connecting Data
  • Measures and Dimensions
  • understanding Tableau workspace
  • How shelves and Marks works
  • Basic views
  • Menu and samples
  • saving and sharing work


  • working with Data
  • Data Aggregations and Data parts
  • continuous vs Discrete
  • Multiple Measures/Dual Axis
  • Marks
  • Size and Transparency
  • Highlighting
  • working with Aggregate vs Dis-aggregate Data
  • Analysing
  • sorting&grouping
  • Aliases
  • Quick and Filtering Filters
  • Pivot Tables (cross Tables)
  • Aggregation and Dis-aggregation
  • Geographic Map page trails
  • Heat Map
  • Density Chart
  • pie and Bar charts
  • scatter plots


  • Introduction to Visual Best practices
  • options in formatting your visualisation
  • Effective use of Titles and captions
  • working with labels & Annotations

More Topics we cover are Explaining briefly :

  1. Working with Calculated Fields
  2. How to Build Interactive Dashboard
  3. Sharing workbooks
  4. Review Exercises
  5. practices


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